The Zurich-based duo IN!T is a unique encounter of traditional classical music with contemporary rock.

IN!T is an innovative musical project uniting guitarist and singer Janosz Prelicz with harpist Noemi von Felten. Leveraging at once, her classical educational background and his experience in several rock bands, the Swiss duo combines the softest classical notes with the often as rough considered sounds of rock music. Although rooted in pop tradition, IN!T is also characterised by its openness for experimenting with various musical genres.


IN!T’s songs are inspired by everyday life and the various roads where life is taking us and its performance comes along with stories, emotions and melodies that everyone can identify with. IN!T wants to involve its audience into a unique experience of music and emotions: no one is left untouched by its catchy melodies gaining the attention of any kind of listener.

Despite of its still young band history, IN!T has already celebrated remarkable successes: On the Texas-based "Clapper" – the fastest-growing social media platform – the duo’s popularity is skyrocketing and counts over 14’000 followers already, which is more than any other artist from their home country Switzerland and many other European countries. In addition, its debut single "What We Got" was played on radios all over the world including Italy, Switzerland, Israel, New York, Texas, etc. Also, the band's first two singles were added to well over 1’000 public playlists in only the first few months after release. Moreover, IN!T was also invited to perform at the first Clapper online festival and in Europe, IN!T was able to perform at various festivals, such as Moon&Stars in Locarno and Cycle Week Zurich.

After the debut single 'What We Got', released in July 2022, the single "Ride with Me" featuring the singer Chris Samuel has been released in November 2022. The new single 'Fucked up Day' featuring singer Delia Eva will be released on the 13th of January 2023.